Foodies are raving about BASHO.

Great sushi, large dining area, cool, modern bar/lounge…this is a great spot!  

I had dinner and drinks with a friend at Basho earlier this week.  We started with a cocktail in the lounge area – she had some sort of berry martini thing, which was really good, but a little sweet for my taste.  I had the cucumber martini, and I had the bartender make it with Hendricks gin instead of vodka – sure, I was *that* annoying person, but I prefer gin martinis.  No problem, the bartender didn’t mind the substitution and poured a perfectly balanced drink.  Any drink with gin and cucumber is good by me, but the muddled herbs are a nice touch.

When we were finished with our drinks, we sat down for dinner, and decision-making was not easy.  The menu is pretty extensive.  I’d love to try some of their non-sushi offerings, but we ordered all sushi.  She had a crazy roll, a rainbow roll, and spicy yellowtail.  I ordered salmon roe sashimi, uni sashimi (more on this later), salmon sushi, pickled mackerel sushi, a sweet potato tempura roll, and a shiitake mushroom tempura roll.  Dude – the shiitake roll was amazing!  Sweet potato tempura roll is one of my “must-have’s” at sushi joints, and Basho did a great job.

About the uni – I can’t really say whether Basho’s uni was any better than anyone else’s, because this was my first time trying it (if you’re unfamiliar with sushi, uni is sea urchin).  If you haven’t tried it, please do – I fully intended to order another portion, but I was so full that I ended up packing up my last few mushroom rolls.

I would love to look at Basho’s dessert menu, but I was so stuffed that I didn’t even want to see it.  I’ll check it out online – I bet they make some fun desserts!

My only complaint is that the dining room was too cold.  I was pretty chilly in a skirt and short-sleeved shirt, so if you get cold easily, you might want to wear pants and bring a sweater.  But this wasn’t enough to knock a star off my rating; I’m always cold.

If you decide to go, make sure you check out the screen projections on the back wall.  The night I was there, it featured long, rod-shaped rectangles in a fluid motion, and we were giggling because it reminded us of looking at the paramecium under the microscope in high school science class.

I’d love to come here on a weekend night – the food is great, but it seems like it would also be a great place to go for a trendy night out.

–Hilary, Yelper


Good sushi: Check
Good service: Check
Knowledgable wait staff: Check Check Check.

The food was great and being a sister to Douzo, we had to check this place out. The drinks are great. The Bling Bling was heaven in a glass, how can you go wrong with Gin and gold specks in a martini glass rimmed with sugar?

We tried a variety of dishes. Started off with the monkfish pate which was just okay, not really quite a pate. It was definitely missing something crunchy. I was hoping they would have brought out some kind of cracker or something but what comes out is just the monkfish pate in a bowl with a little vermicelli. The vermicelli is not the right addition to highlight the dish. Then we tried some things from the Robata grill: the pork belly, the shiitake mushrooms, and the scallops. All were delicious. We learned from our waiter that the Robata grills the food but does not leave the smoky taste and he was absolutely right.

We tried 5 different combos of Sushi: Basho Roll, Dragon Roll, Volcano Roll, Torch Roll, and the sushi sampler from the specials menu.  They were all fantastic. The dragon roll is made of sweet potato tempura which is pretty unique and delicious.

I can’t wait to go back!!!

Thuy, Yelper


I think Basho is my new favorite sushi/sashimi joint. Excellent quality fish, presentation, ingenuity. Here’s what I’d recommend:

  1. The spicy ginger and garlic edamame: Holy deliciousness. If I had that sauce readily available I would be eating edamame all day every day.
  2. Steamed bun sandwiches: Tender, delicious pork with pickled vegetables in a steamed bun? I think I just died and went to heaven.
  3. Spicy tuna roll: A simple classic, but they really do it well here.
  4. Lychee martini – clean, refreshing, delicious
  5. Salmon sashimi – Really all of the sashimi I’ve had here has been tasty, but the salmon is just superb.

There are so many other great thins on the menu here, I can’t wait to go back and order new things!

Basho is a little pricey, but there are a lot of great small items to order and share amongst a group. Don’t hesitate to ask your server or bartender what’s good – everyone who has waited on me has been knowledgeable about the menu and has recommended really tasty treats!

–Sara, Yelper

Sushi is an easy thing to be picky about as it should!  Coming from Chicago where great sushi is everywhere, I was very picky when I came to Boston… and Basho meets all the standards!

Not only food wise but as far as a trendy modern well decorated restaurant and service, they have it all!  The people are WONDERFUL there and soo accommodating!  They worked with us for a large party of about 30 for our shared birthday.  They had a special menu with our names on it and setup a pre fixe meal.  It was great!!!  We celebrated our mini-dance team reunion there as well.  They set aside the back booth area which was a perfect semi-private area for us.  The people are great, introduce yourself and they’ll remember you every time!

Things to try… pork belly with asparagus – amazing flavor and melts in your mouth.  Spicy Tuna over crispy rice, great texture!   Caterpillar and crunchy rolls.

Happy Hour and Late Night menu….um who wouldn’t do amazing sushi for half the price!–Dinna Y., Yelper